First, do not pay attention to the five floor is within a month to ensure floor cock up!

Now many friends will choose the floor when they decorate their home. The floor will be softer than the ceramic tile, not so cold. So we see that in many TV dramas, the living room will lay the floor, and the effect of such floor is also relatively good-looking. Do you know about the floor paving technology? If you do not understand, then you must pay attention, it is easy to have problems, so you must have a look!
1、 Notes for paving:
1. Before the solid wood floor is paved, because the wood keel is easy to be affected by damp and insects, some desiccant and insect proof powder should be sprinkled in the gap between the wooden keel, and some camphor wood blocks can also be scattered to prevent the wood keel from being affected by damp and insect moth. In addition, more insect proof powder or camphor wood block should be spread in the four corners of the room.
2. If the solid wood floor pavement needs to use plywood as cushion, the plywood should be sawn into small pieces with the size of 1.2 mm × 0.6 mm or 0.6 mm × 0.6 mm, and then the small wood blocks of these plywood should be fixed on the wood keel with wood keel nails. After laying all the plywood cushion, the level should be checked again according to the standard that the height difference is less than or equal to 3 mm.
3. The moisture-proof film shall be laid on the wooden keel, and the joint between the moisture-proof films shall be overlapped by 50 mm and glued with adhesive tape to ensure the integrity and firmness of the moisture-proof membrane laying. In addition, the moisture-proof film shall be rolled up 50 mm at the corner of four walls.
4. The solid wood floor pavement generally should be installed from the half facing the door first, so that to the end of the installation, the size of the floor is not neat, and when the floor needs to be cut and sawed for installation, as the other half of the house usually places various furniture, the uneven floor will also be blocked by the furniture, which will not affect the overall beauty.
5. Before paving the solid wood floor, the installation workers should check each floor to be installed. If there are defective products or wear marks on the floor surface, they should be picked out and not used. Finally, these floors will be packaged uniformly and returned to the factory for replacement.

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