The floor maintenance, you need to understand these methods

Hello, everyone, today I'm go to xi xi, this issue we are going to talk about the maintenance of the floor. We all know that decorating is a very important thing, may be some life only to decorate a house, some also can pack twice, three times, maybe more, but only a few. So, the maintenance after decorating, it is quite important. This period, we mainly talk about how to maintain floor.
First of all, we must pay attention to is that the maintenance of the floor to start from the construction process.
The first point: in the process of the construction to remind worker not to knock against, especially in the corner of the tile.
The second point: during the period of construction just try not to step on the paved brick, either yourself, or others, if you step on, must be on the middle.
The third point: after the shop, have to wait two days to let natural cement solidification, and then a layer of protective film, the floor is late in order to protect the construction process, the floor will not damage.
Fourth: wooden floor is the same, spread good later must have a layer of protective film, in other works to do. Wood floor more easily than ceramic tile scratches.
Fifth: decorate, after finishing handling and put furniture also should pay attention to not knock against, otherwise in floor tile is a very troublesome thing.
The floor, the floor is normally is divided into floor tile, ceramic tile, and wood floor. So we now to talk about each of these two methods of the maintenance of the floor.
The maintenance of wooden floor
The first point: wet water problem
Now a lot of real wood floor waterproof layer in manufacture process will be on the floor surface. But we can't feel the waterproof layer, mop the floor or water the volatile by him. Must immediately with a clean dry dishcloth or mop dry the water. Mop the floor attention mop must have excess water off, make sure no water.
The second point: the wax regularly maintenance
Every once in a while to wax and maintenance, can prevent craze of real wood floor, solid wood gloss, smoothness. But before waxing, be sure to clear out the dust.
The third point: the problem of scratches
Both in real wood floor and compound floor, must pay attention not to be sharp objects scratch, affect not only beautiful but also easy to cause the floor cracking and other problems. Don't slip the heavier items on the floor, and avoid scratch, put items should be carried.
Fourth: avoid high temperature exposure
Under Windows or sunny places laid wood floor summer must not long time exposure, pull a curtain shade when necessary. To prevent aging, floor craze.
Fifth: avoid high temperature object, for example, KaiShuiHu, a pot of hot soup, etc.

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