Real wood floor, solid mu fu joins a floor board, aggrandizement floor to choose what kind of? Don't worry about wrong anymore

The comfort and warmth that wood floor brings to people is the main reason why many people choose floor decoration. However, there are so many kinds of wood flooring, and each kind of experience is also different. When you want to decorate solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor and laminate floor, which one should choose is better? Listen to the analysis of the merchants, and no longer need to worry about choosing the wrong one.
Solid wood flooring
Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood processing, and there are many specifications of tree species, which are not listed here. Solid wood floor formaldehyde emission can be ignored, almost as zero formaldehyde floor, more attention to formaldehyde pollution of the family can be used.
The standard thickness of solid wood floor is 18mm, but there is no wear-resistant layer on the surface, so the wear resistance is very poor. Of course, it depends on the tree species. After all, the wear resistance of each tree species is different. The water resistance of solid wood floor is very poor, and it is not suitable to be scrubbed with wet cloth to avoid losing luster.
Generally, the price of solid wood floor is about 200 ~ 500 yuan / m2. Tree species and technology determine the price difference. Of course, the better solid wood floor costs more than 1000 yuan. Suitable for use in living room, bedroom, study and other positions, usually pay attention to maintenance.
Solid wood composite floor
Solid wood composite floor is made by interlaced pressing of boards of different tree species. In the market, solid wood composite floor is mainly divided into three-layer solid wood composite floor and multi-layer solid wood composite floor. Although the multi-layer solid wood composite floor sounds stronger and more durable than the three-layer one, due to the excessive use of glue products in the production process, which leads to the increase of formaldehyde emission, it is generally not recommended to use multi-layer solid wood composite floor in families.
The most commonly used thickness of solid wood composite floor is 15 mm, because its thickness is close to the solid wood floor visually, and the foot feeling is good, there is no need to choose 18 mm floor. Its surface layer presses a layer of aluminium oxide evenly, and aggrandizement floor is same, but wear-resisting degree is lower than aggrandizement floor. Of course, its water resistance is very poor, if you are not careful with the water bubble, it is impossible to repair.
The price of solid wood composite floor is mostly between 150 and 500 yuan / m2, of course, there are thousands of yuan. Most of the three-layer solid wood composite floor can reach E1 and E0 environmental protection level, but also need to pay attention to purchase, avoid being cheated. The best choice for families with floor heating is this kind of solid wood composite floor, which has strong heat resistance and is not easy to deform.
Laminate Flooring
Laminate floor is made of sawdust, scraps and so on, only the surface layer uses a layer of veneer. It is mainly divided into four layers: wear-resistant layer + decorative layer + high-density base material layer + balance layer. The wear resistance of laminate floor is very good, which is more than 10 ~ 30 times of ordinary floor. Currently, 8mm thickness is used most in the market.
And aggrandizement floor is the highest formaldehyde content of all materials, but generally reach E1 environmental protection level of the floor is relatively safe, so you must polish your eyes when purchasing.
Generally, the price of laminate floor is between 80 and 300 yuan / m2, which is relatively cheap, but it is better to choose medium and high-grade ones when purchasing. It is more suitable for use in public areas with large flow of people, but the water resistance is poor, so the indoor relative dry is guaranteed.
The above is the summary of the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor, laminate floor, what do you do not understand, you can leave a message~~

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