Never expected, shop floor horizontal and vertical covered by such a big difference! Small family shop is good, so spacious

If it weren't for see a glimpse of the decoration in the neighborhood, I also don't know, spread across the floor and stand there is such a big difference between the original! Pattern of the same family, but she looks is twice than mine. If you are entangled with home is good and horizontally and spread across the floor shop is good, more want to see this article today, from the Angle of the beautiful and practical, share with you some of my personal experience and Suggestions.
Spread across the shop floor or stand, in fact, there is no standard answer, decorate case estimates that ye also have seen a lot of, so have found that there are common? Most of them are according to the direction of the window, and follow the light laid!
Because all the Windows facing is different, so the floor laying way also should adjust measures to local conditions. Down the light, see the floor of the spell juncture, can let a space have outspread feeling.
Particularly pork liver color, such as the image below or the floor of the deep black walnut, must meet the light, to a certain extent, can reduce the color of massiness, otherwise the whole house of horizontal oscillation and lost in appearance, you can imagine the effect.
Secondly, it is laid according to room length-width ratio.
In simple terms, which side is from which to spread, and the sitting room if your home is a rectangle, it should be laid along the long side, as shown in the figure below, the horizontal floor.

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